About BSC

Here at the Bayview School of Cooking, or BSC, great cooks learn about the hottest culinary trends, newest techniques and exciting new cooking tools. Beginners learn the basics and about equipment “must haves” in every kitchen. Kids are invited to participate in our classes specifically designed for age appropriate cooking and wine enthusiasts can sample flavorful selections at Fridays Uncorked!

Classes are held on the mezzanine level at Bayview Thriftway, 516 West Fourth in Olympia. Most classes are demonstration-style with a demonstration of how to prepare an entire menu during a class session. Other sessions are hands-on and give students and opportunity to participate in menu preparation. And, of course, there are ample samples to taste in every class.

BSC offers a tantalizing array of culinary styles with a team of regional chefs, cookbook authors and restaurateurs teaching many of the classes. Others are taught by our talented team of cooking school instructors. A variety of styles are covered —from Indian and French to Italian and Asian. We also emphasize the fresh flavors from our own Pacific Northwest and other ethnic flavors from around the world.

Classes will range from $25 to $90 for our more intensive training sessions. Add new recipes to your regular meal repertoire and learn how to prepare delicious foods for every occasion and find a class that meets your interests!

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