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LeanneI’ve been teaching appetizer classes for fifteen years and what I look for in a recipe is always the same. It has to be exciting and a little different, it has to be really good, and it has to be easy. If it’s not easy, you probably won’t make it (at least more than once!). You might make a more difficult entrée, but you’re not going to have time for several involved appetizers.

This is the fourth recipe I featured in my first class fifteen years ago and it’s about as easy and quick as they come. It’s also very impressive and will definitely turn heads. Perfect for the holiday season, you’ll probably make this more than once.

A few notes. Don’t be afraid to melt sugar without adding water. Just keep stirring and it will eventually melt into a light golden amber. Use a light hand when drizzling your melted sugar over the brie or else it will be hard to break! And, feel free to use a smaller whole brie—just adjust the amount of the other ingredients.

Jeweled Brie with Fruits and Nuts

1 wheel (about 2 pounds) of ripe brie
2 cups white sugar
⅓ cup mixture of dried cranberries, dried currants, golden raisins, and
thinly sliced dried apricot
⅓ cup mixture of sliced almonds, raw pistachios and chopped pecans

Place brie on a white, heat resistant serving plate. Sprinkle fruits and nuts over brie, reserving a bit for later. Place sugar in a medium, heavy-bottomed saucepan.  Stir constantly until sugar melts and starts to turn golden.

Immediately pour the caramel over the Brie being careful to pour in light streams across cheese. Immediately scatter the rest of the fruits and nuts over the caramel.  Serve with table water crackers.  May be prepared up to 3 hours before serving.

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BSC’s 2018-19 Winter Brochure is Now Available!


BSC’s 2018-19 Winter Brochure is Now Available! This brochure includes new classes for November, December, January and February!

You can pick one up at Bayview Thriftway, Ralph’s Thrifway and Storman’s Inc.!!! You may also view or download it for your viewing pleasure online at:

Our Holiday Classes are featured on the cover and the splash page so be sure to browse out your cooking and event options, including Taste the Holiday Spirit on December 8th and a Hands-On Adult + Child Gingerbread Building Class on December 9th and oh so much more!

Sign up quickly for any or all of our classes because they fill up quickly –
call (360) 754-1448!  Have fun!


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My Favorite Appetizer

In the first class I taught at BSC 15 years ago, I included an hors d’oeuvres that I had just discovered and was quite smitten with.  It seemed fancy and impressive but also pretty easy to prepare. If I now had to name my all-time favorite appetizer recipe, this would be it! If you have a rosemary plant, it’s lovely to blanket your serving dish with branches and set the scallops right on them. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it also has the practical purpose of keeping the scrumptious little bites from sitting in their own juices. Don’t skip the detail of rolling the wrapped scallop in the rosemary-lemon zest mixture after they’re cooked—that’s the very best part! And, be sure to watch your masterpieces carefully in the oven because they burn very easily. I guarantee that these will be the hit of any party!

In this series featuring the appetizers that were part of my first class, I’m leaving out the Chive-Spiked Smoked Salmon on Chips because I’ve already given you that recipe. Just look for it under “Appetizers” on the left-hand side. I’d like to mention though that the salmon mixture is also divine on endive leaves topped with a little crème fraîche. So delicious and addictive!

Pancetta-Wrapped Scallops with Lemon

6 large sea scallops (about ½ pound) membrane removed, scallops quartered
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Four 3-inch long strips of lemon zest
1 teaspoon lemon zest, finely grated for garnish
2 rosemary sprigs
2 teaspoons rosemary, finely chopped for garnish
Freshly ground pepper
12 thins slices of pancetta (about 4 ounces), halved

In a bowl, toss the scallops with the olive oil, lemon zest strips, rosemary springs and pepper and let marinate in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

In another bowl, soak 24 wooden toothpicks in water for two hours.

Preheat the broiler.

Remove the scallops from the marinade and lightly pat them dry. Drain the toothpicks. Wrap each piece of scallop with a slice of pancetta and secure with a toothpick.

Transfer to a broiler pan. Broil the scallops for about 1 minute per side, turning once, until the pancetta sizzles and the scallops are firm but not rubbery.

In a small bowl, combine the grated lemon zest and chopped rosemary.

Dip one end of each wrapped scallop in the lemon-herb mixture, transfer to a platter and serve. Makes 2 dozen

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