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What is Molecular Gastronomy?

At Molecular Recipes ( much is shared about this sci-fi way of cooking. And believe me when I tell you that it is lots of chemistry and technique and it looks a lot like practice is necessary…but the out-of -this-world effects are amazing! Even traditional chefs and cooks who prefer raw eggs not made from mangos must find themselves wondering, “how is this magic done?”

According to their website, “the term Molecular Gastronomy was born in 1992 when an English teacher of cookery, Elizabeth Cawdry Thomas, proposed a workshop in which professional cooks could learn about the physics and chemistry of cooking. This first workshop of what ended up being a series of events that until 2004 was called “Workshop on Molecular and Physical Gastronomy”… Even though the term Molecular Gastronomy is used equally to refer to scientists and cooks, its more appropriate use is to refer to the science of cooking. What the cooks do is molecular cooking or modern cooking.”

Many molecular recipes do require high tech equipment and a minor in chemistry, but many more of these recipes do not require special equipment or “chemicals” and are very doable in the standard kitchen. Making it a fun time for most and an especially clever way to interest your kids in cooking and science! Take a look at ( for some beginning details and links to recipes and a community of Molecular Gatronomists and start creating scientifically!

So far we haven’t included a Molecular Gastronomy class in our Bayview School of Cooking repertoire but who knows what the future holds?

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